This Site is Not a Blog

the personal site of john haas, also known as jack in some circles.

Where I Come From and What I Do

After a combined fine arts/technical skills education, I started out my career doing straight-up web design and HTML/CSS production work in 2003. I've since moved onto the world of Drupal theming, where I've been employed at Advomatic since 2007. In that time, I have been privileged to have lead and co-lead theming efforts on several large, high profile websites.

My Resume?

My most current resume can be found here.

Front End Development Skills & Experience

  • Design and develop sites using industry standard applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Experience using open-source design application alternatives like the GIMP and Inkscape
  • Write valid XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3
  • Working knowledge of PHP and jQuery
  • Build atop CSS Grid systems whenever possible (Susy is my preferred grid) and use Normalized CSS to get things looking as close as possible across browsers
  • Skilled in various performance techniques: using CSS sprites, proper image compression, reducing HTTP requests, etc...
  • Use version control systems like SVN and Git on a daily basis
  • Know the common issues and fixes for problematic browsers
  • Analyze a site's accessibility capabilities and create section 508 compliant markup
  • Experience using CSS Preprocessors such as Sass and LESS
  • Design and develop custom responsive and mobile versions of sites, both from the ground up and as retrofit solutions

Drupal Skills & Experience

  • Full time Drupal experience going back to Drupal 4.6
  • Extensive experience theming content via custom fields and preprocess function overrides
  • Theming of Panels, Views and many other popular Drupal building modules
  • Format fields using Imagecache/Image Styles, File Styles and other custom formatters
  • Prepare responsive image variants via Picture or Client-side Adaptive Image modules
  • Adherance to the Drupal project coding standards and practices, including theme-side techniques for reducing performance overhead


Associates Degree in Multimedia & Web Design
Art Institute of Philadelphia (September 2000 - June 2003)